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FINEOS Wins Global Awards for Video Production by AVCOM

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Video Production for Awards

Date June 2021
Location Dublin, Ireland
At the start of the pandemic, FINEOS’s Global Marketing Manager contacted us with a request to create a series of video appropriate for use across their website, social media, live events, and internal communications. This project is still ongoing and the remits broadens each year.
Value Delivered

As part of this project, AVCOM’s video production team were able to repurpose previously existing material to produce fresh content with a modern look and feel. This involves using multiple recordings from many sources, editing, and rebalancing with 4k resolution to create one seamless output. Due to the global, multi-departmental nature of this project, AVCOM engage with a variety of C-Suite and global stakeholders to roll out the project.

  • Application advanced Video best practices to dated footage
  • Video editing
  • Video and colour rebalancing
  • On-location recording
  • Social media content creation
  • Graphic and motion graphic creation
  • Merging assets from various locations to one seamless delivery
  • Postproduction for vlogs, podcasts, social media snippets
  • Repurposing current footage and creating over one hundred new videos
  • Delivering Different video styles from the raw footage
How AVCOM helps FINEOS Experience More
  • The project involves the video production of corporate, training, conference, animated and social media video, working to multiple deadlines with a variety of global stakeholders
  • Our video production team edited and applied creative graphics to a range of video styles
  • AVCOM reworked and edited previous material and created new and fresh video content for FINEOS
  • These videos also use podcast material and voiceovers which require both audio and video rebalancing
  • FINEOS have won global awards for multiple videos produced by AVCOM
  • AVCOM is now recognised as a trusted advisor to the Global FINEOS team

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