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AVCOM’s Design Studio is like no other in the industry. A powerhouse of talent with a passion for innovation and technology, we deliver captivating solutions that push boundaries and redefine excellence. Our highly skilled team of AVCOM Ninjas collaborates seamlessly, crafting groundbreaking designs that breathe life into your vision.

Our journey unfolds in three stages: research and strategy; creative strategy and concept development; and design and implementation.

Research & strategy

In the first phase, we dive into rigorous research, delving deep into your industry to unearth insights that lay the foundation for success. We invest time in comprehending your brand and objectives, ensuring that its essence seamlessly infiltrates every aspect of the event.

Creative & concept development

Next, our creative team brings your vision to life. From concept ideation to storyboards, we craft and develop visually compelling narratives that resonate with your audience. We refine and test these concepts, ensuring they meet your specific requirements.

Design & implementation

Our goal is to surpass your expectations and amplify your brand’s profile and in the final phase, our meticulous eye for detail shines through. Using our graphic design expertise, we cover all aspects of visual communication; creating brand collateral and curating brand guidelines that deliver cohesive and mesmerising experiences.

360° project management

Harnessing 360˚ project management principles, we promise fast delivery to the highest quality. Our state-of-the-art facilities cater to diverse industries, placing you at the heart of every bespoke solution. With open communication and exceptional customer service, we will collaborate with you every step of the way.

The ultimate design process

As a leading graphic design studio, AVCOM uses the evolved Double Diamond Model, a guiding framework that fuels our creative process. This five-step model acts as a roadmap, simplifying the intricate path of problem-solving and empowering our designers to craft impactful solutions.


Set intent

We analyse the problem from the client’s viewpoint and study global trends to understand goals and foster innovation.


Gather data

Our graphic design studio diligently collects data on the factors impacting the problem, formulating hypotheses and potential solutions.


Filter through data and sign-off

Having gathered all the data, our design studio sifts through and presents information to begin working on the project.


Begin design

In this stage, designers, stakeholders, and expert departments collaboratively embark on designing the solution, collectively addressing and resolving the problem at hand.


Test & Release

In the final stage of our Double Diamond model, our graphic design studio rigorously tests the product, secures official sign-off, and launches it into production.

As the masterminds behind awe-inspiring design services, we ignite imaginations and leave an unforgettable mark.


AVCOM Team of event specialists

Dara Gallagher, Head of Design

Dara heads up the AVCOM Design Department and manages a wider team of design and R&D experts. With 20+ years experience delivering innovative, strategic, focused and tailored creative solutions across multiple marketing and sales channels.

  • MScDI, HDip – IAPI, BA VisCom
  • Brand Generation & Strategy
  • E-Commerce & Advertising
  • Packaging & Print
  • Traditional & Digital

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