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Our commitment to creating the WOW-factor sets us apart in the industry.

AVCOM has established itself as a leader in gala event production, offering unparalleled expertise in creating extraordinary and unforgettable event experiences. With a rich industry knowledge spanning over 40 years, AVCOM designs premium gala events that embody the essence of glitz, glamour, and fun.

We are renowned for our expertise in collaborating with clients to create truly memorable gala events. We understand that each gala is a unique occasion and we invest time in understanding your objectives, preferences and target audience to design an event that aligns perfectly with your goals.

We collaborate closely to ensure that every event stands out and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Don’t settle for ordinary.


We have the power to elevate your event to unprecedented heights.

AVCOM’s experience and passion for gala events was on full display at the Julian Benson Winter Wonderland Gala Dinner. This star-studded event offered an unforgettable evening of splendor, all in support of a worthy cause. With a lavish four-course meal, fine wines and exhilarating performances including an incredible showcase by Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance troupe, guests were treated to an extraordinary experience.

Attention to detail is a hallmark of AVCOM’s approach. We meticulously consider every aspect of every event, ensuring that each element is carefully planned and flawlessly executed. From elegant décor and stunning stage designs to seamless audio-visual transitions and engaging entertainment, AVCOM creates a cohesive and captivating experience for gala attendees

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At AVCOM, we love to pull out all the stops and dazzle event attendees. Whether it’s designing tailored gala nights or organising star-studded dinners, we consistently deliver elaborate events that ignite the senses of everyone who attends.