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AVCOM Survey Reveals Carbon Concerns Restrict Overseas Event Travel

A survey by event production agency AVCOM has found increasing company restrictions on overseas travel due to sustainability concerns.


AVCOM, the premium event production agency, today announces the results of a survey which found that almost half (44%) of professionals in Ireland say their company has restricted overseas travel to corporate events due to sustainability concerns. The survey also found that 41% of professionals report that their business has an annual carbon footprint budget when it comes to overseas corporate events.

The research, carried out by Censuswide, surveyed 200 professionals in Ireland who attend corporate events. It found that sustainability is having a significant impact on how businesses approach attendance at corporate events, with 13% of professionals reporting that they no longer have permission to travel to overseas events. This rises to 26% for the finance industry, 22% in sales and marketing and 17% in manufacturing and utilities.

While most businesses have not issued all-out bans on overseas travel for corporate events due to sustainability concerns, the survey found that 31% of professionals in Ireland are required to get special permission to travel.

Businesses in Ireland are also becoming more carbon-conscious regarding local corporate events. More than a quarter (27%) of those surveyed said they are encouraged to use public transport when possible, while the same proportion are encouraged to use a bicycle, scooter, or to walk. As hybrid events continue to be commonplace, 38% of professionals are asked to attend corporate events virtually when they can.

AVCOM’s research found that the industries most likely to have carbon footprint budgets for travel to overseas corporate events are sales, media & marketing (56%); finance (55%); and IT & telecoms and architecture, engineering & construction (43%).

Paul Murphy, Managing Director, AVCOM, said:

“Our research found that businesses are putting tighter controls on event attendance at home and overseas as they try to limit their carbon footprints, as well as costs and time investments.

“Events have become more inclusive and it is no longer necessary for people to travel overseas for corporate events. Instead, they can log in from their office or home and still get the benefits of having attending in-person, without the associated carbon emissions. As sustainability continues to impact business travel, event organisers must get creative and ensure that they are providing an immersive experience for everyone, whether they are attending virtually or in-person.

“The industry has experienced vast changes in the last few years, with technology being the key to inspiring human connections and providing a memorable event experience. At AVCOM, we have recently enhanced our business to provide end-to-end design-led production services, brought to life using the latest technologies. Event attendees want to experience more and it is vital that corporate event organisers understand this and ensure they create memories for their audiences, wherever they are.”

About the survey

The survey of 200 professionals who attended three or more corporate events last year was conducted by Censuswide on behalf of AVCOM in October 2022. Censuswide abides by and employs members of the Market Research Society which is based on the ESOMAR principles.


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