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EY Transfer Pricing Forum 2021

Virtual Conference Technical Production | Pre and Post Production

2 Day Virtual Conference

Date 2021
Location Virtual

The EY Transfer Pricing Forum was a 2-day virtual conference that attracted 350 attendees. Powered by AVCOM technical know-how and venuesworld.com’s communication nous, this conference delivered a frictionless delegate experience with all content delivered live, from  concurrent AVCOM master control hubs here in Dublin. 

Value Delivered
  • Complete Technical Production pre, live and post event.
  • All sessions were recorded live, edited in real time, with additional postevent editing for repurposing allowing for viewing on demand.  
  • AVCOM operated a master control room which ran the plenary sessions and breakout sessions 
  • We also ran 4 other breakout sessions, from other locations 
  • Speakers from different countries and continents spoke to EY employees around the World. 
  • Operated the OCTA platform, which is fully customisable allowing for client branding, look and feel and overall layout. 
  • Engagement functionalities included live chat, Q&A, Feedback and Polls. 
  • For more information click the following link: The EY Transfer Pricing Forum | A 2-Day Virtual Conference | AVCOM on Vimeo
How AVCOM helped EY Experience More

Through the help of AVCOM and the OCTA platform, EY were able to seamlessly stream 5 different events to all of their staff Worldwide. We offered the client peace of mind through the experience and efficiency of our project managers dedicated to EY for the event, and our innovative, but easy to use technology platform. This was another of AVCOM’s successful partnerships with venuesworld.com, which continues to flourish into 2023.

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