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Cushman & Wakefield

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Valuation Statistics Animation

Date January 2022
Location Dublin, Ireland
In 2022, Cushman & Wakefield approached AVCOM with a brief to create an internal communications tool to show their staff the company’s annual valuation stats. We were tasked with creating a video to a very tight one-week deadline. Our team of videographers, animators and editors met with the client to scope the project, the content, the narrative and the visual style.

After consulting with the client, our team recommended the creation of an animation as opposed to a video, as this would make it easier to include a larger volume of targeted information in a short sixty second production. We agreed to use a base motion graphics template to accommodate the tight deadline, providing the client with a number of options. Once their team selected a template, we adapted it to reflect the Cushman & Wakefield brand guidelines and started the animation process.

Our motion graphic designers created motion graphics and cartoon animations – which helped to visualise the statistics, making them more appealing. As soon as we produced the initial 30 seconds of the video, we sent a draft version to the client for feedback. We then made the appropriate changes and continued to produce a provisional version. We then sent them another draft and on receiving their feedback made our final edits. Finally, the client was sent the finished animated motion graphics on the due date.

Value Delivered

  • Project Discussion
  • Animation
  • Project Planning
  • Sense Checks
  • Templates
  • Asset Creation
  • Final Delivery
How AVCOM helped Cushman & Wakefield Experience More
  • AVCOM and Cushman & Wakefield were able to collaborate very effectively throughout this project. The client was receptive to our recommendations, which led to a change in project scope to the correct approach; the use of animation to better engage their audience. As a result, we are now producing further animations for Cushman & Wakefield and have expanded our scope of work as their event partner.
  • Cushman and Wakefield improved their staff engagement using this animated motion video for internal communications.
  • As the video was designed to also be a shareable piece of content on social media, Cushman & Wakefield were able to share substantial statistics, data, information and messaging to their audience. This resulted in increased engagement with both established and new customers and in turn generated new business.

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